Meet The Cast Of Home On The Strange!

Tom Rough
Age: 34
Profession: Photographer
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
Biography: Formerly the lead singer of punk-metal band Program, Tom met his future wife-to-be at an art show where he was displaying his pictures of shaggy-haired pale men flinging themselves off stage. Turns out she was the peanut butter in his chocolate, and they settled down to build a life together. Eventually, Tom gave up the singing when he realized that Program wasn’t going anywhere, and devoted his life to taking pictures of food for a major agricultural corporation… Until Karla convinced him that he could make a go of it on his own.

He adores good science fiction and fantasy, but rarely finds any. He’s ludicrously opinionated, a fact that is mildly offset by a vague awareness of his own insignificance. He has many wild stories of himself and his life on tour with a third-rate band that opened for second-rate bands that you’ve never heard of, but he usually saves those until after the fourth beer hits the table.

Karla Fontaine
Age: 37
Profession: Marketroid
Favorite Movie: Amadeus
Biography: A recovering Italian Catholic, Karla grew up on the streets of New York in a middle-class neighborhood that felt like a lower-class neighborhood, as New York apartment prices are wont to do. Her mother was overbearing and loving in equal increments, instilling her with a vast love of museums, the opera, and the finer arts of cooking. She became an excellent ad campaign organizer, earning a salary well above the national average for her age in a professional environment… But something was missing from her life, even as everything seemed to be going the way her family had intended.

Why she fell in love with a punk singer is anyone’s guess, but her mother had spontaneous attacks of angina for weeks afterward.

Karla calmed the beast that was Tom, introducing him to opera and art as he introduced her to roleplaying and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Karla taught Tom the values of financial planning and professional decorum as he taught her it was okay to be gleefully silly and run around the house naked, making “eep” noises.

It’s worked out pretty well thus far.

Andy Tanner
Age: 35
Favorite Movie: Army of Darkness
Profession: Bouncer
Biography: Tanner met Tom in sixth grade and they bonded instantly. Tanner had great dreams from Day One, and is continually fulminating with ideas that would change the world… If only he’d actually do anything to make them come true.

Instead, he plays a lot of City of Heroes, and has maxed out his level on several characters.

Andy’s love life is a string of broken hearts, since he believes in true love in the sense that “I’ll be friends with her for seven months and not say a word, then explode in a drunken fury of professed love.” This usually doesn’t work out as well as he’d hope. He’s currently dating Ann, a stripper from one of the clubs he works for, who sleeps on his bed most nights (leaving Tanner on the couch), but sometimes she vanishes for days on end.

age: ???
favorite movie: legend or maybe labyrinth but the movie version of phantom of the opera is good too except that it doesn’t have the original cast in it

profession: file clerk

biography: Nobody’s sure where Branch came from, or why she stays, since she never seems to want to talk about anything that anyone else is discussing. She will talk for hours about her cats, Broadway musicals (never off-Broadway), and the minutiae of any of a thousand shows that she obsessively TiVos, strips the commercials, and burns to disc in an organized rack that stays over her bed… But ask her about something personal and she freezes like a deer in the headlights.

She does not have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. It is theorized that she has sex.

Seth Moriante
Age: 40
Favorite Movie: Scarface
Biography: Seth is a successful businessman, having gotten a head start on the Internet boom, creating his IPO, and then selling the stocks just before the bubble collapsed. He currently helms an independent software business dedicated to automotive parts tracking, which makes more money than you’d think.

He is enamored of fine wines, classical music, gourmet foods, and high culture, which he frequently takes Karla to. Seth has been married for sixteen years, but has a very independent relationship with his wife Jeanine; they are rarely seen together.

If you have a story, Seth has a better one. If you have a joke, Seth knows a funnier one. If you’ve been somewhere, Seth’s been somewhere better. Unfortunately, his jokes, stories, and experiences are probably measurably more interesting than yours.

Izzy Lehane
Age: 29
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
Biography: Possessed of good looks, an indomitable spirit, and a raffish charm, Izzy was comfortable in almost every social group in high school. She joined ROTC and almost hooked up with the army, she did a little theater, she drew with the artists, and was just athletic enough for the jocks. Yet somehow, though she floated through the social circles with ease, she never truly clicked with any of them.

She became an artist, and went to New York in an attempt to further her career. Unfortunately, most of her colleagues were building flaming butter sculptures of Ronald Reagan in some bizarre attempt to Make A Social Statement, and Izzy wanted to draw stuff that people wanted to see. Unfortunately, despite a few showings here and there, she never connected. Figuring there was no shame in being a working artist (and no food in being a starving one), she turned to graphic arts and began working for a large company, which at least was drawing something.

Izzy gets along with pretty much everyone in the world, and every last one of them wonders why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She wants one. She’s just a magnet for idiots.

She will also clock you seven ways to Sunday if you piss her off. That ROTC training stays with you.

Age: 26 on the birth certificate, 19-22 if you ask
Favorite Movie: Natural Born Killers
Biography: Ann is a woman of many backgrounds, which mutate effortlessly depending on who she's talking to and what she thinks she can get out of them. At various times she has been born in England, Venezuela, Hoboken, the hard streets of LA, a beautiful farmhouse in Kansas, and to an orphanage. Her parents oscillate between alive and dead with a quickness that Schroedinger would envy.

What is known is that about five years ago, she hooked up with Tanner after a long period of begging and wheedling on his part. She was working at the strip bar at the time (and still is), and after some time she moved in with him. They never officially broke up, though she did move out and Tanner kept calling endlessly. Occasionally, when she needs something, she can always find Tanner or some other hanger-on.

Age: ??
Favorite Movie: N/A
Biography: Mincemeat was struck by Tanner's car one day while Tanner was engaged in an argument with Izzy. Tanner refused to leave Mincemeat's side; Izzy, on the other hand, demanded that he leave Mincemeat to die. Mincemeat remembers this, and holds a grudge.

Later on, remembering this kindess, Mincemeat returned to Tanner's apartment at an extremely opportune time. He now lives with Tanner, and has gotten some of his shots.

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