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Q: So Ferrett writes the strip and Roni draws it, right? It's as simple as that.
A: NO NO NO NO NO. The most common (and irritating) misperception is that because Ferrett writes the words (and is more loudmouthed about speaking up in the strips itself), that Roni is nothing more than an art transcriptionist. Ferrett does have final say over the dialogue, and Roni the art... But this is a collaborative process, and the term "artist" and "writer" are just a delineation of our main strengths.

Truth is, Roni's written several of the gags, and Ferrett frequently meddles in the art. Assuming that Roni's just a transcript-o-bot is the surest way to piss either of them off.

Q: Are Tom and Karla married?
A: Yep. As of the beginning of this comic, they’ve been married for just under six years. They own their own house thanks to the sadly-premature death of Tom’s father, who left them enough money to get started.

Q: Are Ferrett (the writer) and Roni (the artist) married?
A: No, no, no. They are both married - just not to each other. In fact, at the time this question was added to the FAQ they have never met each other in person - which is, admittedly, not quite a total barrier to getting married these days, but they're not. Trust us.

Q: Is Tom actually The Ferrett in disguise? And if that’s true, does that make Karla The Ferrett’s wife, Gini?
A: First of all, readers who’ve come here from other sources may be surprised to know that The Ferrett is a fairly popular blogger, with about three thousand people reading him on a daily basis. He tends to write about his personal life way too much, including his relationship with his wife Gini, which is very similar in some ways to the strip.

That said, though there are obvious similarities, Tom is not Ferrett. Gini is not Karla. There will be storylines where this is made much clearer, but even at the start of the strip they’ve evolved separate identities. In addition, the collaborative nature of the strip limits the ability to be the voice of any one person, anyway, since Roni suggests a lot of the punchlines and storylines.

Q: How do you guys collaborate?
A: Despite the fact that Ferrett's more loudmouthed about the strip, it is a very collaborative process. It works kinda like this:

Q: I’m offended by your current strip!
A: Wait a couple of days. Sure, there’ll be some strips that will just ruffle you the wrong way, but usually we wind up targeting everyone. Generally, by the end of the week all will be tarred with the same brush.

Furthermore, anyone who assumes that any character speaks with “The Voice Of God” will be sorely wrong. One of the prime directives of HotS is, "Nobody always gets it right." Tom occasionally makes some outrageous statements; assuming that the creators believe in everything he says (or even agree with him) is just gonna get you in trouble; the same goes for everyone else.

Failing that, maybe you should just get over y’self.

Q: So why did you do the same dang “Slackers interacting with each other” strip that everyone else does? Couldn’t you have done something wild and artistic?
A: Interestingly enough, when Ferrett initially emailed Roni to see whether she wanted to do a web comic, he pitched a strip about superheroes. But in writing it, he discovered two problems:

So we put it in a modern era. But on the other hand, it deals with much older characters than the usual embryonic whelps who scurry about the pages of Something Positive and Questionable Content.

Q: You’re both LJ people. Why don’t you post this on LJ?
A: While we love the whole “comments” thing, and we don’t want to become millionaires off of this comic (hah), we don’t want to lose money on it, either - and the comic costs bandwidth and time, which gets reimbursed somewhat via advertising. You can, however, subscribe to the LiveJournal Feed if you're lazy.

Q: What’s this whole “Sponsor” thing?
A: For $5, you can purchase a space next to the comic dedicating it to anyone you like. That dedication will remain for the life of the strip, meaning that as long as we’re around, the dedication will stay. If you’re interested, the way it works is this: email us at to tell us who you'd like to dedicate it to, and what message you'd like to see. In turn, we'll tell you what day we have available, and send you a copy of the script for that day so that you can make sure your smooshily romantic message won't appear on a day when there's a breakup. If all is acceptable, you send us $5 and we put it up for a future strip!

Q: Gosh, you guys are wonderful! How can we keep you in business?
(Perhaps this is a question we'd like to be frequently asked.)
A: There are a lot of ways to show your support and to reduce our level of whoring! You can donate to us via the PayPal button on the left-hand side, or you can sponsor a comic, or you can just buy merchandise from the "Merchandise" link above. Whichever way you choose to give us your hard-earned cash, be secure in your knowledge that we'll be slaveringly grateful.

Q: Can I advertise on
A: Oh, God, yes. Please. As above, see our Advertising Page.

Q: Where did Andy Tanner get his name from?
A: Author Cherie Priest suggested it when I asked for a name that was, and I quote, “a two-syllable last name/first name that says ‘Loser’ without being unbelievable or too obvious.” A lot of people loved Jewish-style names, but this blatantly Protestant loser name was what did it for me.

If you like the name, perhaps you might consider purchasing one of her books. She writes quite well.

Q: What is that on Tanner's shirt?
A: It is a Hell's Angels logo. Amusingly enough, Ferrett requested this initially when creating the character, and then completely forgot what it was, and then had to ask Roni, thinking it was her idea.

Q: You didn't answer my question here!
A: We didn't? Well, heck, feel free to ask us in our forums and we'll try to answer you!

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